Car Hire at Dublin Airport


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Looking for a great way to find the best car hire from Dublin Airport? Try our cost comparison service here on this website, and you’ll be given plenty of options, whatever your needs. Quick and easy to use you simply fill in all your details, including dates, type of vehicle required, and age of the driver, hit the search button and wait for the results. You might be looking for an economical option to save on your expenses, larger vehicle to transport family or friends, or something a bit more luxurious so you can travel in comfort and style. You can even choose between automatic or manual. The choices available will suit all kinds of travellers, so take a few moments and see what you can find for your car hire in Dublin Airport.

Once you’ve sorted your car hire from Dublin Airport it’s time to take in some of the sights, and no trip to Dublin will be complete without tasting some of the local brew. Why not visit the Guinness Storehouse, located slap bang in the middle of the action, at St James Gate Brewery? You’ll be able to learn everything about the iconic black stuff, receive a complimentary pint, and enjoy an all round view of beautiful Dublin city. If you’re visiting the city with family, take a trip to Dublin Zoo, located at the heart of the city in Phoenix Park. Say hello to some rare and exotic examples of the animal kingdom, in a variety of their natural habitats. Dublin city also has its own water park, AquaZone. Excitement for all the family with water rides, raging water adventures, and the opportunity to fly through the air. There are a wealth of options, whatever your taste and you’ll find more information in our article “Top 20 Things to do in Dublin”.

Dublin Airport is located just 10km north of the city centre, and is easy to get to if you’re travelling by car. The M50 and M1 motorways are nearby if you’re driving from the north or south, and for those driving from the west there are the M4, M3, M2 and M9. The airport is well signposted, which ever direction you approach from, making car hire in Dublin Airport a great option, that gives you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you please.

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